Reg No: Nashik/0000288/2021

Swachhand Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Akash Wagh. In the Corona pandemic 2020, most people had left their jobs and the struggled for Food. We individually helped people with food. after this experience, we got that we need more funds to help people and we have started (NGO) Non-Governmental Organization.

We are accepting donations online and offline and up to 93% of all donations go directly to Project remaining 7% is reserved for admin, advertising, marketing, etc.


Our vision is to help people in need wholeheartedly.


Our goal is to happily transform the lives of homeless people who are deprived of good food, education, and health. The group of people who help us is going to do justice so that everyone will be provided food, education, and health by the Swachchand Foundation.